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Start Of A Great Adventure: Peak Performance Project Orientation

Over the last month I took an adventure to Europe where I traveled through Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Sweden and France. I went to be inspired and to do LIFE a…

Canadian Music Week’s Great Idea! [ Recap ]

So last week was definitely a whirlwind. It was Canadian Music Week. Canadian Music Week, now in May, maybe the BEST IDEA EVER. The fact that I could roam around…

“Final Round” featured on VH1′s “Basketball Wives: LA” Season Finale

On Monday April 21, 2014, VH1′s “Basketball Wives:LA” Season finale featured  the song “Final Round” from AWARE. Watch the video below to see the clip:  

Help NUELA CHARLES take home the SiriusXM Indie for Soul/R&B Artist

A Public Service Announcement regarding Nuela Charles and the SiriusXM Indie Awards happening at Canadian Music Week on May 10 in Toronto, Canada. #NC4INDIE Help her TAKE IT HOME! Visit to help get it done!