Nuela Charles is an alternative/soul artist based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Her latest album "The Grand Hustle” (Nov. 4, 2016) is the ultimate comeback story. You live, you learn and you fight for what you want. This, the second album from singer/songwriter Nuela Charles, is the culmination of four very transformative years of discovery, love, loss and recovery. Drenched in James Bond inspired cinematic strings, soul infused rhythms, and introspective lyrics Nuela is converting fans, one listener at a time. Recently nominated for a 2018 Juno Award for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year, Nuela is gearing up to release brand new music in 2018, beginning with her latest single "Do it Right" on March 2, 2018.




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“Canadian sass-pot Nuela Charles is cocked, locked and ready to be shot onto the world stage with a soulful voice that may one day fill the Amy Winehouse-shaped holes in everyone’s hearts. Perhaps Adele’s days as undisputed number one are now finally numbered, if new single “Crumbling Down,” premiered via The Fader, is anything to go by.”