Vue Weekly Review of "Distant Danger"

Nuela Charles

Distant Danger

Nuela Charles Music

Nuela Charles has been gracing the depths of the pop-soul plane of Canadian music since her debut album Aware in 2012 and second album The Grand Hustle in 2016. Her latest effort Distant Danger adds an appreciative R&B groove to the already soulful Charles. Distant Danger is like being driven on a night out in neon-lit alleys, cigarette smoke skies, in old Chevrolets.

With plenty of newly felt production and arrangements, lead single “Troublemaker” leads the charge with pops and punches. Sass, empowerment, and respect command attention. “Sugar” is evidence of the evolving Charles and her range, and always with tinges of posthumous Aretha Franklin. “Do It Right” will have any crowd bumpin’ and groovin’ and “Danger” adds to the aptly named album. While the album may be a step-up for Charles in terms of dynamic and production, Distant Danger falls as more than just an album with pop-structures exhausted already, but it serves as a stepping stone to Nuela Charles talent and future as a successful musician.

Ryan Hook

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